About us

Boccard – a major player in industrial installation management since 1918.


Since 1918 Boccard has been a major player in industrial installation management; always at the cutting edge of performance and innovation.

At Boccard UK Ltd we offer a wide range of maintenance and industrial installation management services to cover the entire life-cycle of your facilities. From preventative, industrial maintenance to power plant decommissioning.

Boccard holds a key position in today’s industrial marketplace and operates across a broad range of market sectors, including the Power, Nuclear, Manufacturing and Food & Drink industries.


We specialise in the provision of bespoke solutions that satisfy your specific requirements.


We also offer practical engineering solutions such as; Total Lubrication Management and Maintenance (TLM); Centralised Lubrication Systems; Fabrication and Construction

With the expertise, knowledge and structure in place to maximise the lifespan and output of your production processes, we hope to add value to your business and ultimately benefit your bottom line.


The Boccard commitment:

To mobilize our resources in order to deliver successful solutions as we work with you throughout the entire industrial life-cycle of your facilities.

The Boccard promise: 

To share our vast knowledge and experience with our customers in order to achieve mutual success and to reduce our customer’s overall installation and maintenance costs.


To learn more about the history of Boccard – a family business still serving the industry four generations later – as well as the company’s global operations, you can visit our parent company’s website: