Boccard UK Ltd – Established 2007


Delivering global industrial solutions across 20 countries, Boccard has been at the cutting edge of performance and innovation since 1918.

In 2007, here in the UK, Shell Oil Products took the strategic decision to sell its service arm and focus on its core business – the production and supply of lubricants. As such, Shell sold its service sector to Boccard, resulting in the formation of Boccard UK Ltd, and the creation of a strategic alliance agreement between the two companies.

Today, Boccard UK Ltd is a complete turnkey maintenance and construction company. Our expert staff are fully capable of looking after all your design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance needs, with a particular focus on preventative industrial maintenance services.

And with the implementation of Boccard Good Practices in 2010, client satisfaction continues to lie at the heart of our business, as we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction levels in all we do.

To learn more about the history of Boccard – a family business still serving the industry four generations later – as well as the company’s global operations, you can visit our parent company’s website:  www.boccard.com