Automotive & Aerospace

Our work in the sector includes Total Lubrication Management, Condition Monitoring and Waste Management.

Key Operational Areas

  • Product Procurement
  • Product Storage
  • Product Application

Boccard provides on-site teams who manage and carry out the following defined lubrication and support function:

  • Inspection – Maintain Fluid Levels – in line with the Fluid Management System
  • Inspection – Maintain Grease Levels – in line with the Fluid Management System
  • Maintenance – Investigate & Report – Fluid Systems
  • Record Fluid Management Activities – Management Information
  • Liase with client – Maintenance – Equipment Optimisation
  • Regular Reporting Structure – Client Key Personnel
  • Stock Control & Ordering
  • Fluid System Change – Removal of Spent Fluids from oil changes – Flush – Refill
  • On line cleaning of the coolants (sump sergeant)
  • Any reasonable additional tasks for the client after all core tasks are complete