Boccard is a major supplier to the French nuclear industry and took an active part in the construction of the power plants (900 MWe, 1,300 MWe, 1,400 MWe units of the PWR type) in the :

  • Nuclear auxiliary
  • Safeguard auxiliary
  • Waste treatment buildings &blowdown steam generator
  • Auxiliary feedwater supply of steam generators
  • Containment spray
  • Penetration equipment of reactor containment
  • Treatment and cooling of pool water
  • Nuclear sampling
  • Superheated water, chilled water
  • Hydrogen and nitrogen distribution
  • Component cooling
  • Demineralized water of nuclear island
  • Flushing of steam generators
  • Auxiliary steam distribution
  • Waste treatment of nuclear island systems

Boccard have enjoyed a long relationship with EDF the giant French power company. At present Boccard are working with them on the Flamanville Project. The technology of the EPR reactor used in Flamanville is to be used in the UK Nuclear programme.

EDF required an Anglo French company to be part of the Hinkley Point and Sizewell C projects in the UK so it was decided to form an alliance with Babcock. Boccard had the technical knowledge and experience in France and Babcock  had vast experience of Nuclear projects in the UK. Thus, the Boccard Babcock alliance was born.