Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring can be used in a number of ways so to assist in the reduction of unplanned down time and also best practice in lubrication. Boccard understand the need for CM and uses this to identify lubrication requirements. Ultrasound allows for the correct amount of grease to be applied to a rotating component, thus only delivering the required amount when running hours are hard to determine.

Boccard can utilise ultrasound for identification of air leaks, valves issues and other equipment where other lubrication may be required. This would bring added value to any Lubrication service provision.

Within any Total Fluid Management service this activity would be introduced so to reduce the maintenance costs that comes with premature failures.

Thermal Image CM is used by Boccard for checks to equipment that may have access issues. (Conveyor lines at roof level). This enable for a quick check of motor, gearbox and roller bearings in between the scheduled service so that any action can be made if required.

Thermal is being used for a number of activates within Industrial manufacturing plants, including issues such as heat loss, roof issues, heat transfer systems, electrical panels and also the efficiently of a number of identical units.

These activities are also used in conjunction to oil analysis so to identify root cause of any potential failure.