Total Lubrication Maintenance

Total Lubrication System Maintenance

Boccard UK Total Lubrication System Maintenance and Management aims to provide our customers with a complete lubrication system maintenance package. According to individual requirements this package can include on-site skilled lubrication personal right through to the provision of complete centralised lubrication systems from concept, to design, installation, commissioning and service.

Lubrication is a prime requirement for all machines, equipment and plant as it adds to the life and efficiency of the machine by reducing wear and tear of its parts. The lubricating oil or grease forms a film between the moving parts which results in lesser friction and correspondingly less heat generation. The lubricant thereby keeps the working temperature of machine parts within safe operating limits. Wear and tear of parts is therefore greatly reduced resulting in fewer breakdowns, greater machine utility, lower maintenance cost and longer machine life.

In a study conducted by a major component manufacturer, it was determined that over 50% of bearing failures were the result of improper lubrication. Inadequate lubrication and bearing contamination were the two biggest contributors to improper lubrication.

A Total Lubrication System Maintenance and Management schedule, tailored to your exact equipment and operational requirements, will assist in providing:

  • Increased plant and equipment availability, reliability and efficiency.
  • Optimal lubricant consumption.
  • Reduced operating, energy and maintenance costs and extended equipment life.
  • Less contamination also improved environmental performance.
  • Detailed analysis of overall operational efficiency.
  • Controlled and reduced waste.
  • Compliance with the demands of health, safety and environmental Legislation.


Centralised Lubrication Systems

Centralised lubrication systems can end the feast or famine conditions sometimes associated with manual lubrication. Too much lubrication creates safety or environmental hazards while too little lubrication causes bearing friction and wear. A centralised lubrication system ends this cycle by applying smaller amounts of lubricant frequently while the equipment is running. This keeps your machine in the Optimum Lubrication Zone.

Boccard UK manufactures bespoke grease or oil lubrication systems that will run off either electricity or air. You can also choose to have these systems controlled by your PLC; the electronics of the machine or by an independent control panel.

The images below show two example of the typical centralised lubrication systems we offer – grease system and oil system.

Lubrication System Maintenance

Oil Lubrication System

Lubrication System Maintenance

Grease Lubrication System

  • Oil Lubrication systems – Dual line, Progressive, Spray Mist, Single Shot, Multi-Line.
  • Grease Lubrication systems – Dual Line, Progressive, Single Line, Multi-Line.
  • Total Lubrication Maintenance (TLM) – Service, Maintenance, and Management.